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Uggghh medical
by amanda (aemanduh)
at June 8th, 2010 (01:08 am)

Hello again,

Since everyone was so helpful in regards to my concerns about safety while abroad I thought I'd post another question about my current predicament. I decided (btw) to devote myself completely to PC, I think I was just having the average cold feet but I am so entirely excited to go! However, I have such an arduous medical process, I thought it would never end then I got the worst news yet-a "slightly abnormal pap". My first reaction was complete panic, but after reading a lot about it, it seems like it's quite common. Anyway, my nomination was actually for June (this month) which is obviously not going to happen. I also read that the usual follow up for results like this can take up to 6 months (!!!) I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience/obstacle and how it affected your departure date?

I also just assumed since all of this was happening and my medical was taking so long, I wouldn't be leaving any time soon-at least not until September, so I booked a trip to Egypt to visit a friend. According to my recruiter this was a bad idea because since I was nominated for June, once medically cleared I could be considered for "immediate departure", even though PC claims it sends volunteers out no sooner than six weeks, considering the placement etc etc.

Does anyone have any idea as to when I may expect/plan to leave?

Any advice would be so helpful! Thank you very much


Posted by: Coppelia (namibiacoco)
Posted at: June 9th, 2010 04:50 am (UTC)

When and how long is the trip to Egypt?
It depends on Medical....they could say that they will follow up in country...they could make you wait 3-6 months and have another one and see if that one comes up normal (abnormal paps are actually very common)...with that said it is very rare that they would give you an invite with less then 4 weeks (and usually 6 weeks) notice....most of the programs "close" six weeks prior and all invites have to be accepted and filled by that point.
I missed 3 (or four I can't even remember now) departure dates and left at least 6 months after my original leave date because of medical hold ups.
Good Luck!

Posted by: amanda (aemanduh)
Posted at: June 19th, 2010 08:01 am (UTC)

thanks for the advice-

my trip will be for two weeks (aug 15-31) and now looking at the departure dates I am getting very nervous that I will be invited for a program in mid-august, if they have the services I need and assuming I am medically cleared by the end of this month.

I talked to PC about my "theoretical results"-no treatment required, just a follow up pap in 6 mo. (which is what now has happened) and they said I will most likely be cleared but placement might be a bit more difficult...so frustrating not knowing if/when I will ever leave...or if I'll get to use my plane ticket to Egypt! :(

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