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munichborn [userpic]
Im writing an Essay about the safety/dangers for women in the Peace Corps..
by munichborn (munichborn)
at June 28th, 2013 (09:01 pm)

Hello everyone!

My name is Khandice, and I'm writing an essay for my English class about a community/organization that I would like to join. I have chosen the Peace Corps because it's something I would like to pursue once I graduate!
(I'm studying social work).
I was just wondering if any of you would like to share your stories/experiences while you were in the Peace Corps. It doesn't matter whether it was a good experience or a bad one, I would just like to hear about how safe you felt, and if there was anything dangerous that happened to you.
If something impeded on your safety how was it handled, and how did you deal with it mentally?

Thankyou so much! Also if you wanted to have your privacy upheld (if your embarrassed/hurt about what happened) you are more than welcome to send me an email/message on here! If you would like me to keep your name out of my paper just let me know! I'm not here to exploit you all, I'm just interested in this topic and want to have good, primary sources for my essay!



Gina...almost an anagram of Inge, but not quite [userpic]
Question about Application Process
by Gina...almost an anagram of Inge, but not quite (orb_scholar)
at April 9th, 2011 (06:04 pm)

Hi, I'm really interested in doing the Peace Corps at some point, but I also have decided I want to do a probably year-long Americorps program before I turn 24--the cut-off age for most programs (so I can be involved in my own country first. I have already applied to the Peace Corps and told them I was available to start in October 2011 and my recruiter told me I'd most likely be nominated. If I decide to do an Americorps program between now and the Peace Corps, would I have to apply all over again or would I could I temporarily withdraw and use my same application. Thanks in advance for an experiences and advice!

Gina...almost an anagram of Inge, but not quite [userpic]
Medical Clearance
by Gina...almost an anagram of Inge, but not quite (orb_scholar)
at October 6th, 2010 (05:54 pm)

Hi! I have a couple questions about the Med Clearance.

1. Do seasonal allergies disqualify you from anything?

2. I can't remember if I've had a pap smear, so I just put no. Will it be cool if I just get one now?

3. I'm moving to do trail work in two months. I'm guessing I probably won't get all the medical clearance paperwork ahead of time. Are there appointments I can do in the next two months in advance? Like what are all the things I'll need to do? or will I have to wait for the information, so my doctor can sign it, etc.? I just want to find out everything I can do in advance of actually getting nominated. Thanks!

Gina...almost an anagram of Inge, but not quite [userpic]
Choosing a region--safety-wise
by Gina...almost an anagram of Inge, but not quite (orb_scholar)
at October 2nd, 2010 (08:30 pm)

Hi, my name is Gina, and I've wanted to do Peace Corps for a long time. I'm doing the application now and I'm getting to the part of preferencing a region. As much as I idealize things, I also do crazy things like read statistics and google worst case scenerios, etc. :). Anyway I know there was just recently a question about dangers in the Peace Corps, but I too am worried about various types of assault especially against women such as rape, which are simply more statistically probable in the Peace than in most areas of the U.S. (0.45 for every 100 vs 1.3 for every 1000, I mean that's a big difference!!!)

Anyway, let me get to my actual questions.

1. As much as I want to volunteer, I want to make my own safety a priority, especially if I have troubles with the administration. I know that where you actually end up going is sort of left up to the hands of fate, how would you rank the regions in terms of safety, also perhaps factoring in disease etc.? (I realize this is a difficult questions since there are multiple countries in each region). Are there any areas/countries you would refuse to go if you were stationed there? What are the worst places in terms of crime etc.? Note I have already read the crime statistic report from multiple years, but in a way it's hard to get a clear picture from that because it's just so much info.

2. Would you say that with most places, these crimes against PCV are fairly preventable (not in a blame the victim kind of way), but as in, if you engage in certain behaviors and avoid others, can you make the experience a lot safer?

3. Know this has been answered, but would you say that the PC is a lot more dangerous than other endeavors one may take?

and i'm spent [userpic]
Beginning of service
by and i'm spent (lemon__lies)
at September 30th, 2010 (01:59 pm)

 Hello all! I have been in Peace Corps in Morocco since Sept 13th, but I wanted to let the community know about the blog I started to document my time so far. I know when I was preparing for service blogs were the most helpful resource I could find :)  

New and in need of information
by aroundtheroad (aroundtheroad)
at September 7th, 2010 (04:59 pm)

Hey Everybody!

So i just finished and submitted my application!!!! SOOO super excited but also sorta stressed about all the upcoming decisions/information.


Is their anyone out their that has any good advice...whether it be about the interviews, packing (i think ill need a whole bunch of help with), customs, things esp. women have to look out for when their overseas, and esp if anyone has gone that has left a boyfriend/fiance/husband in the states to volunteer....anything would really help me!!!! Also, whats the medical/ dental clearance like?? i dont know whether or not to be worried about that or not!

i dont know of anyone that has done peace corps so im turning to you guys for all that advice i would usually get from my girlfriends!!!


Quick question that may have already been answered.
by cpsradley (cpsradley)
at July 12th, 2010 (12:59 pm)

 so I've applied, interviewed, etc.  Now I have the medical clearance.  I have no real (though this does not stop my brain from imagining some hidden disease) reasons to think I will not be medically cleared.  The only problem is a little over 10 years ago I had what I would now diagnose myself (I'm a social worker) with as depressive disorder NOS, single episode.  In other words, for about a month I was depressed and cut myself (not a suicide attempt, I would have been labeled a cutter).  Well I never officially received any treatment.  I saw a psych grad student one time after calling the 24 hour help line.  Since then everything has been fine, I have good coping strategies, yada yada yada.  My question is, since I was honest with this on my app, will this affect my acceptance?  I never received treatment, but have not had any other occurrences of these type of feelings.  Is this just my over active, pessimistic side coming out?  My boss jokes that my motto is : prepare for the worst, imagine complete disaster and hope for the best.  Anyone have any experience?  I'm open about my experience and don't have any qualms discussing it, mainly because it has made me mentally stronger.  um, so am I just freaking myself out for no reason?

sharktales [userpic]
new, with questions :)
by sharktales (sharktales)
at July 6th, 2010 (09:21 pm)

*** questions on application process and chances of getting in considering my major/skills.

Name or Nick Name: Steph
Education: Bachelors Degree in Biology, Captive Wildlife Minor (University of Wisconsin Stevens Point)
Where are you going to serve/are you serving/want to serve: Anywhere with a coastline
When are you leaving/did you leave: Interview in 6 days *nervous*
What are you going to be doing/are you doing/want to do: Environmental work or Environmental Education.

I applied early June and got my fingerprints etc done by July 1. I attended an online information session. I have an interview on the 12th. I'm curious as to how desired Biology majors are. I feel most qualified to teach environmental education because I've informally done that before. I also have been volunteering at my local zoo for over ten years. I've had experience living in a village in Fiji but have no secondary language speaking skills. I'm not a vegetarian, nor have a relationship/kids being left behind.

What's your opinion on my chances?

I'd also like to know about this medical form process that everyone seems to be grumbling about. What is the average length of time working through this? Shortest time?

answers, insight, and words of wisdom welcome!!

thank you!

amanda [userpic]
Uggghh medical
by amanda (aemanduh)
at June 8th, 2010 (01:08 am)

Hello again,

Since everyone was so helpful in regards to my concerns about safety while abroad I thought I'd post another question about my current predicament. I decided (btw) to devote myself completely to PC, I think I was just having the average cold feet but I am so entirely excited to go! However, I have such an arduous medical process, I thought it would never end then I got the worst news yet-a "slightly abnormal pap". My first reaction was complete panic, but after reading a lot about it, it seems like it's quite common. Anyway, my nomination was actually for June (this month) which is obviously not going to happen. I also read that the usual follow up for results like this can take up to 6 months (!!!) I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience/obstacle and how it affected your departure date?

I also just assumed since all of this was happening and my medical was taking so long, I wouldn't be leaving any time soon-at least not until September, so I booked a trip to Egypt to visit a friend. According to my recruiter this was a bad idea because since I was nominated for June, once medically cleared I could be considered for "immediate departure", even though PC claims it sends volunteers out no sooner than six weeks, considering the placement etc etc.

Does anyone have any idea as to when I may expect/plan to leave?

Any advice would be so helpful! Thank you very much

amanda [userpic]
by amanda (aemanduh)
at March 2nd, 2010 (10:54 pm)

Hi my name is Amanda and I just was nominated for HIV/AIDS education in Africa.

I submitted my application on January 22nd, had an interview the next week and now I am working on my health packet.

I graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in Anthropology and French, wherein lies my interest in going to Africa. I currently volunteer with an HIV/AIDS organization and am attempting to get more involved with education and community outreach.

I couldn't be more excited about my nomination, however my family and friends (who initially knew very little about the PC and have not known a previous volunteer) are SERIOUSLY concerned about my health and safety. I told them that you have to have common sense when it comes to traveling to a developing country but I also know that PC provides you with safety and cultural training to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

I guess what I am asking is should I be legitimately terrified about doing PC because I am a young Caucasian woman? I am fairly small (5'7", 120lbs) and am not sure if I would be capable of really defending myself in a dangerous situation. My family's concerns coupled with the stories I have read about attempted rapes/assaults and even the murder of Kate Puzey (http://www.coopercrier.com/local/local_story_078082546.html) have all started to intimidate me and have me really question my readiness and willingness to put myself in danger...

I was wondering
-Is it a legitimate concern to be afraid of something seriously dangerous happening, especially if assigned to a country in Africa?
-Do any RPCV have any stories about near assault/dangerous situations that came about during your 2 years of service?
-How safe do you feel as a PCV in your community, especially as a woman?
-Any advice???

Thank you!

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