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Quick question that may have already been answered.
by cpsradley (cpsradley)
at July 12th, 2010 (12:59 pm)

 so I've applied, interviewed, etc.  Now I have the medical clearance.  I have no real (though this does not stop my brain from imagining some hidden disease) reasons to think I will not be medically cleared.  The only problem is a little over 10 years ago I had what I would now diagnose myself (I'm a social worker) with as depressive disorder NOS, single episode.  In other words, for about a month I was depressed and cut myself (not a suicide attempt, I would have been labeled a cutter).  Well I never officially received any treatment.  I saw a psych grad student one time after calling the 24 hour help line.  Since then everything has been fine, I have good coping strategies, yada yada yada.  My question is, since I was honest with this on my app, will this affect my acceptance?  I never received treatment, but have not had any other occurrences of these type of feelings.  Is this just my over active, pessimistic side coming out?  My boss jokes that my motto is : prepare for the worst, imagine complete disaster and hope for the best.  Anyone have any experience?  I'm open about my experience and don't have any qualms discussing it, mainly because it has made me mentally stronger.  um, so am I just freaking myself out for no reason?


Posted by: bleeder of hands, dancer of churches (sunsetscreamer)
Posted at: July 12th, 2010 11:23 pm (UTC)

They want you to write a long essay about how your coping skills improved since then. What are you doing now that will ensure that you don't get depressed again? My personal experience is had some anxiety disorder in college, PC made me submit paper work since I had been in counseling about 3 times, and PC made me write a long essay about my current coping skills, so I said I was exercising and meditating. Basically PC wants to prove that you have the coping tools to not freak out and ET! They want to know that you can deal with stress without cutting yourself or, say, becoming an alcoholic. So, to answer your question, no you are not freaking out for no reason, you are freaking out because PC is about to send you a some more paperwork, after which they will almost certainly accept you.

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