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Peace Corps for Women
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This is a resource, forum, and community for women interested in, applying to, serving in, and/or returning from the Peace Corps.


“One of the first Volunteers in 1961 said ‘I’d never done anything political, patriotic or unselfish, because nobody ever asked me to. Kennedy asked.’ President Kennedy asked us all that night forty five years ago. And we are still saying ‘yes’. “

This community was created by two women in 2004 who were very excited to join the Peace Corps and but had a lot of questions. There wasn't a great place for women to connect, so pc4women was born. I can't believe all these years later that women are still connecting and using this group. Enjoy your life no matter where it takes you!

Melody (TEFL PCV Bulgaria 2005-2007) - Meggan (Health PCV Moldova 2005-2007)


ATTN: New Members

Please feel free to introduce yourselves :o)

Name or Nick Name:
Education (show your school pride, list major/s and minor/s) Where are you at in the process?
Where are you going to serve/are you serving/want to serve:
When are you leaving/did you leave:
What are you going to be doing/are you doing/want to do:

(Check out previous polls in the memories section)


PCV? RPCV?? Fill out our survey :o)

Dates of Service:
1. Why did you decide to join Peace Corps?

2. Did you find that your reasons for staying were the same or different from your reasons for joining

3. How long did your application process take and did you have any delays during the process?

4. Did you end up with your nominated position / region?

5. How long did it take you to feel comfortable speaking your newly learned language?

6. Is the training provided adequate?

7. If you could change the training with additions or deletions, how would you do it?

8. What was it like being thrown in with a foreign family?

9. How was the food?

10. Did you have moments where you thought you might ET?

11. Did you feel safe in your environment?

12. If you could give one piece of advice to all PC applicants, what would it be?


How far would you go to help someone?

Would you go to the end of your driveway? Would you cross a street? Would you cross an ocean? To a place 6,000 miles from home?

And how long would you go…

Would you go for a week? A month? A year? Would you go for 2 years?

Would you go if you could use your knowledge to teach someone and, in the process, maybe learn something yourself?

Life is calling. How far will you go?



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